Centre Stage Dance Company

Centre Stage Dance Company has been developed to provide some of our more serious dancers with competitive and performance opportunities.  The Company is open to all students ages 8 and up.  I am well aware that being part of a company is not for everyone, and therefore I strongly recommend that you read the following carefully in order to make the best decision for you and your child.

Please realize that choosing to join the dance company requires a very big commitment by not only the dancer but their parents as well.  It is also a big financial commitment. Each student will be required to take a classical ballet class, attend their weekly rehearsal class, and a one and a half to two hour (depending on level) rehearsal with choreographers on Fridays until dances are choreographed.  Once dances are complete, you will only need to attend your regular  weekday rehearsal.   Extra rehearsals, may be required for parades and other performances.

Attending these classes is mandatory and after the 2nd unexcused absence, the dancer will be asked to leave the team.

There will be an actual contract that parents and students will have to sign stating that they are making a commitment to Centre Stage Dance Company and that you understand all the rules and obligations that go along with it.  This will be handed out at the actual audition.

We will be attending three competitions this year, and a performance at an Iron Pigs game.  All performances and dates will be listed clearly on the contract handed out at auditions.  All performances are mandatory!

In addition to all the extra hours, there will also be additional costs involved. Some of these costs include competition fees, hotel accommodations, bus fees, costumes and or shoes, dance company jackets, private lessons for solos, duos and trios, etc. The girls will have an opportunity to do fundraising, which will hopefully help with some of these costs.